Welcome to The WAREHOUSE, an online learning environment developed by the Institute of HIV Research and Innovation (IHRI). This learning environment will function as a depot of knowledge, through which we will disseminate resources on the design and implementation of HIV and related services as delivered through the Key Population Led Health Service (KPLHS) model. In The WAREHOUSE we also provide the essential tools for building and strengthening the capacity of community partners and key population (KP) lay providers to provide these services.

These resources and tools can be used as stand-alone background materials, or as an additional supportive component for in-person technical assistance programs provided by IHRI.


The objectives of The WAREHOUSE are
  • To provide technical assistance and capacity building for the establishment and implementation of HIV innovation packages, including
    1) Key Population Led Health Services (KPLHS) model,
    2) pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP), and
    3) transgender competent services.
  • To facilitate the exchange of knowledge and expertise on the provision of KP-friendly and competent services.
  • To provide mentoring for trainees in an inclusive and accessible environment.


  • Training on Basic HIV Knowledge, PrEP, and Transgender Competent service delivery
  • Complete the basic courses to lay your foundation of knowledge
  • Continue with the advances courses to build up and strengthen your knowledge
  • After successful completion of these courses, a certificate will be issued
  • Attend virtual classrooms in The WAREHOUSE by IHRI experts on Basic HIV Knowledge, PrEP, Gender Affirming Hormone Therapy, Gender Sensitivity
  • These lectures will further deepen your knowledge from the e-learning courses
  • The WAREHOUSE will virtually walk you through our clinics and services implemented under KPLHS approach:
    • Pribta Tangerine  – a sexual health clinic providing comprehensive sexual health services for all with Tangerine which is Asia’s first transgender-led clinic providing gender affirming care
    • Community-based Same Day ART service – Once HIV positive, HIV treatment can start at the point of care by the certified lay providers on the same day of knowing test result
    • Long-acting injectable PrEP for transgender women – the research project that can be integrated to trans health services
  • Consult these materials to refresh your knowledge as needed
  • Reference materials include training handbooks and tests
  • Seek out mentorship, and be linked with an experienced IHRI mentor to guide you through your learning experience